1.  Partners

Unite for Sight
Non-profit organization that empowers communities to improve eye health and eliminate preventable blindness. A vital partner for VAAFD from its inception. Works world-wide in places of need including at the Buduburam Refugee Camp.

Niapele Project
Non-profit organization who mission is to improve the livelihoods of refugee children. The Niapele Project is partnered with VAAFD for the School Feeding Program at CAMES.


2.  Friends and Supporters

Teachers TV
Company providing thousands of education programmes on TV and online. Filmed the award-winning documentary, “Inspirations – A West African Story” (seen on the home page), and has been a continuous supporter of VAAFD and CAMES.

Ten Days Mission
An international effort by a group of extraordinary volunteers to build the first tuition-free school on the camp – CAMES

Two Steps Forward
Non-profit organization that gives the opportunity of post-elementary education to youth at the Buduburam Camp (through a scholarship program). Founded by one of the volunteers from Ten Days Mission.

An initiative, started by a previous volunteer, to provide free basic hospital care to all teachers and students of CAMES.

Orphans Against AIDS
Non-profit organization working to provide education to HIV-infected children world-wide.

The Endeavor for Hope Foundation
Non-profit organization that supports education-related projects throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.