Donations are vital for VAAFD to run all of its programs. Unlike other organizations, 100% of the money that is donated goes directly into the people VAAFD helps – the refugees. There are NO administration costs. When you donate, you have the option to send your money to any of the initiatives/institutions outlined below or to the area of most need where VAAFD will decide which area donations are best suited.
  • Carolyn A. Miller Elementary School
  • Carolyn A. Miller High School
  • Carolyn A. Miller Community College
  • Adult Literacy Program
  • Youth Empowerment & Scholarship
  • Orphan Assistance
  • HIV / Health – in development
  • Water & Sanitation – in development
  • Microfinance – in development
  • Agriculture – in development
All donations are processed by The Global Giving Foundation. Global Giving is a registered 501(c)3 organization, and is the major portal internationally for the sponsorship of volunteer projects. Thank you for your amazing support!