Applying to Volunteer with VAAFD


  • Applicants must be 18 years old or accompanied by a guardian. Minors accompanied by their guardian must be at least 12 years old.
  • Each volunteer must submit a VAAFD Application Form
  • Each volunteer must provide an up-to-date CV/Resume.
  • Each volunteer must provide two character references unless you are a minor being accompanied by your guardian.
  • Each volunteer must provide a statement of why you would like to volunteer abroad – 500 words or less.

Please e-mail the above documents to and you will be contacted shortly thereafter for a brief interview / information session. Thanks for choosing VAAFD!

Interim Requirements:

  • Once your application has been accepted, a deposit is required to ensure your placement.
  • Upon receipts of your deposit, we will send you a letter confirming your placement. This is confirmation should be used to obtain your visa from the Ghanaian Embassy within your country.

8 weeks prior to placement:

  • Provide VAAFD with a copy of your flight information.
  • Provide VAAFD with a copy of your medical insurance certificate.
  • Provide VAAFD with a copy of your yellow fever certificate.***
  • Provide VAAFD with a copy of your information page of your passport and visa stamp. A visa is required to travel into Ghana. ***
  • Provide VAAFD a signed copy of our terms and conditions.

*** requested in case these documents are misplaced during travel.

4 weeks prior to placement:

  • Non-refundable payment in full. We suggest travel insurance if this may be an issue.



CurrencyFirst WeekSecond WeekEach Additional WeekNon-Refundable Deposit
British Pounds
US Dollars

Included in the VAAFD Placement

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off from Accra
  • Ghana Accommodations
  • 24 hour emergency support
  • 24 hour volunteer support person
  • Welcome Pack

Not included in the VAAFD Placement

  • Airfare to Accra
  • Ghana Visa fees for entrance into Ghana
  • Vaccinations (See your GP)
  • Insurance- travel nor health
  • Cell phone – one can be rented for $10 USD a week.
  • Food


Volunteer FAQ’s

Who volunteers?

Individuals who want to enrich their lives as well as other’s.

  • Alternative spring breakers
  • Gappers
  • Working professionals
  • Retirees
  • Solo travelers
  • Groups
  • Families

Should I volunteer with VAAFD?

  • First, you should have a strong conviction that VAAFD is the right organization for you. Learn about us: our programs and our goals. Read through the following information to help you come to an informed decision.
  • Contact us if you have any specific questions at
  • Get in touch with someone who has volunteered abroad (specifically in West Africa – more specifically, someone who has been to the Buduburam Refugee camp). We can provide you contact information of volunteers who are happy to share their experience.

Why am I required to pay to volunteer?

VAAFD is not an intermediary organization. We are a not-for-profit organization based within the Buduburam refugee camp. 100% of our fee goes directly to the cause… to care for our volunteers and to fund projects inherent to our mission statement.

I do not have much money and would like to volunteer long term. Is there a discount for long term stays?

Yes, all volunteer commitments over 6 weeks are offered dispensation. Please let us know at the time of booking, and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

What are the medical requirements for traveling to Ghana?

All volunteers should have a physical with their primary physician and/or a tropical disease specialist at least two months prior to traveling to Ghana.

Please consult with the Center for Disease control for more travel information. We recommend talking with your GP about the following prophylaxis

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination (required)
  • Malaria Pills (required)***
  • Typhoid (required)
  • Tetanus and Diphtheria
  • TB
  • Polio
  • Hepatitis A Vaccine
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine
  • Meningococcal Vaccine
  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella

***Chloroquine is NOT an effective anti-malarial drug in Ghana and should not be taken to prevent malaria in this region.

How will I get to Buduburam Refugee Camp?

All volunteers should book airfare to Accra Kotoka Airport in Accra, Ghana. There are several airlines booking travel from the US and Europe to the capital city: British Airways, Delta, Alitalia KLM, Lufthansa, Egypt Air and Ghana International Airlines.

Discount websites for airfare:

a) Travelocity / Travelocity UK
b) Cheap Flights
c) Fly Cheap Abroad
d) Airfare Planet

Upon arrival at Accra International airport, please follow the signs through Immigration and Customs. Then exit the building, and look for a sign with your name on it. A representative of VAAFD will be there to meet you and transport you to your accommodations on the camp.

What kind of accommodations should I expect at the camp?

You can be certain that living conditions will be different than you are used to. Volunteers will share safe, clean, but spartan housing within walking distance of their placement. Water and electricity are unreliable so it is vital that all volunteers be flexible.

What will the food be like?

Western foods are available in the capital of Accra, but are quite expensive. Most volunteers are completely satisfied at the hot-food kiosk establishments on the settlement. You will readily find chicken, rice, pasta, eggs and bread in an assortment of dishes. Please keep in mind that many Liberian and Ghanaian meals while excellent are a lot spicier than most western dishes.

How much money should I bring?

During the week, you will need very little money. Expect to spend no more than $5 USD per day on food, including a few servings of some good ice cream. On the weekends, you may want to travel and should allot funds for excursions. Most funds can be changed on the camp.

How can I communicate with my loved ones at home?

There are two internet cafés adjacent to the camp and CAMES also has internet access for volunteers at for a very low fee. Access to landlines will be limited. For volunteers from the UK, we strongly suggest you bring your mobile phone from home. You can insert a Ghanaian (pay-as-you-go) sim card. Please check with your mobile provider to find out whether your phone has a sim card block on it as this will need to be lifted if you wish to put a Ghanaian sim card in your phone. (Vodafone mobiles can be used with a Ghanaian sim card.) Another alternative is to rent sim cards and mobile phones from VAAFD for a small fee. (subject to availability)